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Other type of bumps on penis, other penial skin conditions

Fordyce spots, pearly penile papules, genital warts, sebaceous prominences

penis bumps

Here is a photo of Angiokeratoma of the Scrotum. Fordyce's Spots are sometimes referred to as Angiokeratoma but the two skin conditions are clearly not same.

Genital warts

Genital Warts is a sexually transmittable infection caused by some type of human papilloma-virus. Genital Warts are very easily recognized or the symptoms of a genital HPV infection. Persons infected can still transmit the virus, however another sources state that a large percentage of those who had sexual contact with an infected partner - may develop genital warts. What are the symptoms of Genital warts? Genital warts often occur in clusters and can be very tiny or can spread into large areas on penis area. They usually appear on the tip of the penis. They also may be found on the shaft of the penis or on the scrotum. Genital warts also can develop in the mouth, throat, lips of a person who has had oral sex with an infected partner! There is no way to predict whether the genital wart will grow or disappear. The bad new is that there is no cure or effective treatment for HPV, but there are techniques to treat visible genitalis warts, which can reduce infectivity, although there are no trials studying the effectiveness of treating visible warts in reducing transmission. Genital warts may disappear without any treatment or creams, sometimes they eventually develop a fleshy, small raised growth. Genital warts must be taken very seriously.

bumps on penis

Here is an image showing Fordyce spots. Fordyce's spots are small white spots or bumps, non-infectious natural occurrence on the body, usually they appear on the shaft of the penis, they are approximately 2 to 3 mm in diameter. Most likely they are caused by sebaceous hyperplasia, an overgrowth of the lubricating glands, which keeps the skin from drying out.These bumps on the penis are completely harmless. It could be present on the scrotum as well, and usually affects younger men. On the head of the penis, these penis bumps are called Tyson glands not to be confused with genital warts or Hirsuties Papillaris Genitalis or Pearly penile papules. They are not itchy and they are not transmitted sexually. They are abnormally dilated blood vessels that are covered with thickened skin. The Fordyce's spots are named after a US dermatologist, John A. Fordyce. The penis spots are a form of sebaceous gland normally only found in association with the hair follicle. Fordyce bumps are not known to be associated with any illness and are of cosmetic concern only. Some people are embarrassed of the appearance of these bumps, and they want to remove them for cosmetic reasons. Most of these guys are worried about the appearance of their penis and their sexual partner opinion. They also call it Sebaceous Prominences.


Here is a well zoomed picture of PPP. Pearly penis papules are paler colored, raised bumps around the base of the penile glans, and they are a normal skin condition of the penis head.

I also had pearly penile papules, click here to read my story on how I removed my papules, or click to see my pearly penile papules pictures.


Thank the universe I'm am too f..kin happy... Not just because I have fodyce but because I'm not alone I'm 20 and I had these since I was 14 but never really noticed them and when I lost my virginity is when I began to notice them.... Now I can sleep peacefully knowing that if a girl asks I can explain it better :)

So true man so true!

same story and ages for me bro...

I know exactly how you feel I've been so paranoid about it

dude just because you say somthing doesnt mean shes not gona be like dude what the keck is this shit thats really gross imma suck that shit or put it in my pussy naaaaa man i want it gone for the rest of my life im 17 and iv had them for a long time since i can rember i havent gone to a docter because im to damn scared of what my parrents are gona think iv talked a little with them they dont know what to think if anyone goes to the docs tell me how in the hell i can get rid of these bumps....... and if someone knows im just saying it would change my life forever cuz i dont wana take my pants of infront of anyone with these things.........

Holly f..ing shit dicks, Ok for me theres just a bump, it doesn't hurt or anything but I'm afraid it might be something bad, plus I haven't had sex yet. Is it just an irritation or what I'm pretty freaked. Just found it today and I'm kind of worried

its because u have a vagina!!!! :D

If you have not yet had sex, and its just the one bump. It's probably just a blemish. Yes, they occur these too! Pores...all over the body can, and do become clogged.

its definitly because you have a vagina

teatree oil twice a day on the fordyce bumps , after ahwile i got rid of mine

Im 13 an i think i have Fordyce spots will these just go away or do i need to let an adult know so i can be treated by a doctor??

If I read correctly. There really is nothing a doctor can do. However, if you are not calmed by the fact that a lot of developing boys get the same thing...just glands doing a little TOO much to keep skin moist. I would not follow ANY advice read here! Tell your Mom; so a doctor can put your mind at ease.

Holy crude, finally I find the answer. To think all this time I only had fodyce, I'm still a virgin thanks me thinking I had something really bad. Talk about relief, thank you whoever put this up.

I am 21. I notice Fodyce when i was 12/13 years old. it's still in there. but it hawe no efect to me sexual life or me health. But im glad to now what is that. ;D

Okay, so I have these forcyd bumps... But I also has this thing on my scrotum that looks like a pimple... It has a white substance in it, but I can't pop it. I have had a few of these before and I got rid of them, but now this one won't go away. What do I do?

Holy mother of all that is holy. I am so f...ing relieved. I'm 20 and have had these for as long as i can remember. I started to bug cause i thought it was herpes O.O

Hey everyone......im 22 & was diagnosed with genital warts about two weeks ago.as a treatment I had to undergoe a type of laser surgey.with any luck my immune system will take over now and get rid of the virus.but god only knows how long that will take.....when I realized what I was diagnosed with,i was shocked and disgusted.i didnt get it becuz I was a hoe or cuz I was permiscuous.i got it becuz I decide to love someone who chose to love everybody else behind my back.but what I am guilty of was taking a huge risk and having unprotected sex with someone I loved.please learn from my mistakes and either wait to have sex or use a condom.dont fall for lines and sweet talk like I did.

I needed to hear this. .thanks an God bless you ..ima keep u in my prays ...

This intorduces a pleasingly rational point of view.

I have the same thing how r u handleing it for real cause I am stress and scard

luckily it is harmless....i was quite helpless before....>.<thx~though...

I have bumps on the skin but I also have white little bumps on the head of it I don't know if it is herpes. And I'm so freak out and I don't know if herpes are curable ...

Thank God...I been scared. For a long time I thought I had HPV.. Or genital warts. I been researching..this for almost four years an just now I'm finding. Out what it was I had I've looked at thousands of photos but none looked. Like what I had. Now I can move on with my life ..but I can say.. I'm glad I thought I had genital warts. because it made me very careful ..people think I have ocd ... because I'm very clean..and extra careful when. Having. Sex I

i have noticed i have this to, worried mainly because of looks, but also would like to know if they go away ?????

What a relief! I thought there was actually something seriously wrong. I'm 14 and still a virgin, when I found them and didn't know what they were I started to freak out. I really thought that I had something serious. The only symptom I have is some small bumps, nothing else to serious. Who ever put this up.... Your a life saver, may god bless you for putting my worries and fears to rest. Now I don't have to worry about this anymore and I thank you for that.

Thank God, I thought i had some disease down there lol, i have been sexually active but i had the fordyce spots from before... so i guess im good right im going to try the tea tree oil thing and see if that works, hopefully it does. For years i thought i might have had genital warts or herpes or some other STD and was always worried when having sex, but i never infected a girl so i guess im in the clear lol, btw im 16, and wish me luck!

really glad i checked this out have been worried for a while same as some ov the other lads now can put my worries to rest sweet as!!!!!!

When it comes down to it, and you have reason for such worries, it makes you realize how unimportant having sex with lots of girls is. But until something does happen, no body really thinks of the consequences or just uses the classic- 'it wont happen to me.' I got something when i went on holiday after having unprotected sex (the jonny ripped) and then completely shat myself. It all went (relief) and all the other tests came back negative (more relief). I dont know if its just paranoia, but i have constant itchy sack and im always worried i have something going on. I have these forcyde spots but i couldn't help thinking they may be genital warts or something ( having looked they are defiantly not). However i do think my ball sack, shaft and forskin is slightly inflamed... so im still worried. Im taking anti histamines to try and see if it is hives or anything that may have resulted from the previous infection. Nothing too visible, so dont fancy going to the doctors. I may just have IBSS- Itchy ball sack syndrome (made up btw). thanks

i have these around my penis, what should i do ? what would the best thing to do to get rid of them ? anyone help me out ?

i really would love to know how in the hell to get rid of em im 17 and had it befor i had sex im still freeked out because i dont know what a girl would think about it someone tell me how to get rid of them it worries me to no point having to look at it every day;.... i dont know how yall take it but if some girl sees it i think they would think i have somthing and that might change the way she thinks about me in a very bad way;...yes im to scared to go to the docs but at this point i think it might be for the better please give me ur input on what every one thinks thanks all yalllll!!!!

I had this long before i started having sex, and now i can stop worrying.. Someone please tell me if the treetea oil works... I might invest in some

Glad to finally know! I've been treating them with Clorox, gasoline, ammonia, bacon grease, and Kool Aid with mixed results.

Thank frekin god i thiught i had an std or some shit like that i got them wen i startd goin through pubett still am so i hope they go away and i know im in the clear cause ive never had sex before ive jacked off but thats it! THANK GOD 2 THE PERSON WHO POSTED THIS UR MY SAVIOR!!!!!!!!!

I screw my teacher 3-4 times a week, she doesn't care that I'm 13 as long as i give her orgasm 2-3 times during sex. I'm a happy camper.

Thank god, it's only fordyce numbs. I thought it was something like genital warts. Thank you so much for posting this!

Omg soo happy i have the fodyce thingy i thought i had a brand new type of std lol like srspy im 14 and a virgin how would i have gotten warts lol just wanted to check and see if it was contageus cuz my gf has been asken and i didnt wanna be like here is my dick with a side of stds have a great night and i no ull have a. Absolutly fantastic morning with the std and all

Hi! I think I´ve had pearly penis papules for like a year know, but I never really noticed them, until having sex for the first time(I used a condom). I researched them and that gave me some comfot, but I´m still feeling very uncomfortable. Like a minute ago, i noticed that I have fordyce´s spots looking spots all over my testicles and a little at the bottom of the penis. Is it even possible to have fordyces spots on testicles? I´m really worried about this and feeling hesitant talking about this to my mom. Is it weird to have both fordyces spots and pearly penis papules at the same time? I think I´m going to see a doctor about this. This would be easier if I hadn´t had sex, so I wouldn´t have to worry about STDs and stuff. Just shows you how unnecessary it is to have sex just to get rid of your virginity.

ommfggggggg thank god that i have ppp forcyde bumps and not genital warts !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im just blessed that i dont have herpes simplex that causes genital things but i doo get cold sores but thats when i get sick but i got all the tests for herpes when i first got them and the tests all came back negative yessssss and my doctor said i am intersex (hermaphrordite) and that may be the problem hope that helps :) !! <3

Im 16 and i've been looking this up for like 3 hours, these bumps have been scaring the life out of me:/ But they're not infectious and i have nothing to worry about and its only Forcyde bumps i'm literally so happy right now, thank god for finding this :D!! And thanks for the people who posted this information i may now sleep in peace :)

hey just a heads up, but herpes and genital warts are two different STI's and there is no way to protect yourself from genital warts, because it's transmitted by skin to skin contact, and a condom only rolls down so far, the skin around the groin area's of the two people will be in contact and way-hey, you're gona need some cream and cryo wouldn't worry bout it to much though, apparently 80% of sexually active people have some form of the hpv virus (and there's 100 variations of this virus - some cause warts, some do not, some cause cock cancer, some do not)

I also have these bumps. When I was on accutane they disappeared completely and have slowly been coming back since I stopped the accutane, but they're still not nearly as noticeable as before. I talked to my doc about it and he's just put me on a long term very small dose of accutane which he said will most likely get rid of them for good. Just be aware it's a very harsh drug and can be harmful to your body. Personally I think it's worth it but I'm sure many others will choose their health and some harmless bumps on their penis.

ok i am not a DR but i do have them and i thought at first thay were zits you dont want to try to pop them you will make them bigger and thay dont go back down

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