Pearly penile papules home remedies

Here is a short list of other Pearly penile papules home remedies that I heard of:

- Toothpaste treatment: Many guys tried this treatment method. Most of them describe it as: "It didn't do any good it was only burning my skin."

- Wart removal products: If it would work on pearly papules, I'm sure the manufacturer would talk about using this product for pearly penile papules removal as well. Long time ago I personally checked the instructions of this product and they did not mention anything about pearly penis papules treatment.

- freezing: I never tried it, thank you Lord. Some doctors not familiar with PPP use to recommend this, but now it is well known that freezing is not a very effective treatment in removing PPP or hirsuties papillomatosis.
- applying chlorine or iodine: Worthless to try.
- saturation with water: It just doesn't work.

- aloe-vera: To my knowledge it helps very much in the treatment of regular burns or sunburns, but I don't think it will do any good to remove penile papules.

- diet: Doctors have not been able to determine why these bumps appear and I think there is no way to determine a strict diet.
- powders, masks, oils and other similar papule removal products: I don't think they will do any good, get over it.

- herbs: Any of the doctors who knows about pearly penile papules will clearly state that there is no topical & oral treatment to treat pearly penile papules.
- scraping the papules: chances are that the PPP will get infected.
- medications: It is very well documented that penile papules are not responsive to topical or oral applications.

- vitamins and other non working PPP home remedies: Penile Papules are not caused by the lack & absence of vitamins, (that's what the experts say), so I'm Not sure if any kind of vitamin will do any good to reduce the appearance of your PPP.

Without a doubt, the most popular pearly penile papules home remedy is the toothpaste treatment. The truth is that it may shrink the papules temporarily but in a few weeks the papules will regain their original size. Something more serious needs to be done.

The majority of the medical pros will tell you that if you want to get rid of your penile papules you must to undergo CO2 laser treatment (carbon dioxide laser ablation), cryotherapy, radio-surgery or curettage to remove the papular bumps from the corona of the penis.

Click on my home page to read my story from the very beginning on how I removed my pearly penile papules at home without going to any medical specialist.


I used the toothpaste method & it looks 10 times better than what it was & this is the 1st day of treatement. I can honestly say the toothpaste DOES work!

What kind of toothpaste? ??

Just wait a few days after the treatment and see how it looks like again. YOu just dried the lumps temporarily. I've tried it but the papules regained their original size in 3-5 days. COme back and post your comment again in a few days.

Please help me whith these bumps I have. It seems like PPP, but I am not sure they are as my bumps are near the base/scrotum where the skin is pulled to erect my penis. Please help me with this ASAP as I have a serious relationship and really care for her. I need to know if I have something so I can advise her and seek treatment. Thanks

I have spots on my foreskin and under my head but i never had sex i am so confused and scared.

I tried the toothpaste and ill be damned it somewhat worked for me...... It burned a little but that's worth it cause those damn things are smaller temporarily

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