Pearly Penile Papules Pictures

My pearly penile papules pictures before and after the treatment, and explanations:

pearly penile papules cure

This is a picture of the back of my glans penis before the procedure (unfortunately the camera's focus is really bad on this pic).
I had pretty good-sized bumps on the back part of my penile corona, they really bothered me for years.

pictures of pearly penile papules

The papular lumps shape may vary from person to person.
They can be "elongated" or "round".

pearly penile papules

This is the first picture after the first session,
only a few of them have been removed.

pearly penile papules treatment

In this picture you can clearly see the red spots on the first "row" of my papules.
Those are treated already and instead of the p.p.p. bump you can see only a red spot.
Usually it takes at least a week or two to recuperate completely.

pearly penile papules picture

This is another pearly penile papules picture taken after the first treatment.

pearly penile papules image

I'm sure we all agree that the penile corona is a very delicate part of the penis, so a successful ppp treatment must be painless.

pearly penile papules pic

This is a picture taken a few days after the full treatment. As you can see in this photo, all of the papules are gone. (My pictures were not photoshopped to misrepresent the results. I'm a living example that I have removed them permanently.)

pearly penile papules photo

Thank you, Lord! No more papules!

remove pearly penile papules

After 7-10 days of recuperation, it finally started to look like a "normal", papule-free penis!

hirsuties papillaris genitalis

Significant improvement on the back of the glans and all around.

pearly papules

These pictures were taken about 5-6 days after the procedure.
The good thing was that I felt no pain during the treatment, only a little discomfort in the next few days. I still have some red and white spots in this photo.

penile papules

As you see in this image, my penis is not swollen, infected, or anything of that sort.
The rest of the white and red bumps have disappeared completely over the following days.
As a matter of fact, I felt very minimal pain during the entire recuperation process.

pearly penis papules

I'm fully recuperated in the last three pictures. All the PPP is gone.

ppp removal

I was fully recovered after 1-2 weeks, no scars whatsoever.

penile papule

Personally I was pretty satisfied after making a complete recovery and I was really excited because I had gotten tired of looking at them for the past years. I was relieved that I no longer have to live with my annoying bumps. After this treatment I could push him again to do some quality work for me.

I was excited about this new removal method and the fact that I saved some money on my procedure's cost so I created a pdf document with all the details. This document includes a complete step-by-step description of the entire procedure, as well as pictures of all the supplies used during this treatment. The equipment that I was using it cost me around 10% of a laser treatment. Later I sold it so it really didn’t cost me very much. I also created a private forum for other "lucky" guys with this condition, where they can talk with other members, share their experiences and opinions.

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  • Find out more about my cost-effective permanent PPP removal method that provided me permanent results with only one treatment without going to a specialist.
  • Pictures of all the supplies I used during this painless procedure
  • All my experiences with P.P.P. since 2002.

My method is far more serious than any of the following non-working bogus methods that other guys try: toothpaste method, castrol oil, tree oil, wart removal products, freezing, applying chlorine or iodine, saturation, powders, herbs, aloe vera, scraping them, medications, vitamins, masks and other non working crap.
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