Pearly Penile Papules Women

pearly penile papules women

Can women get pearly penile papules?

Pearly penile papules women:

Is it possible for a female to get Pearly Penile Papules?
(23-year-old female USA New Jersey)
My boyfriend has PPP, can I get it from him ?
(25-year-old-female London UK)
We have good news for you this time:

Pearly penile papules (Hirsuties Papillaris Genitalis) is not a skin disease or STD. So far, there have been no cases of women reporting PPP.
However, there might be similar skin conditions in women. There is a female form of PPP named vestibular papillae. This vaginal skin condition is rare among women. This condition of the vulva occurs in females, and it is a normal variation of human anatomy.
Unfortunately, little is known about vestibular papillae.
However you can try to do some research on the web for these expressions and synonyms:

- Pruritic vulvar squamous papillomatosis
- Pseudo Condylomata of the vulva
- Hirsuties papillaris vulvae or
- Hirsutoid papillomas of the vulva

It is uncertain whether they are related to HPV - human papilloma virus, the virus that causes vaginal warts. You can check the following link about vulva vestibular papillae.


ok you don't need to use uncircumcised , thats like clliang yourself unamputated because you have arms i'm guessing you're american and think circumcision is normal, it's not.anyway, PPP are harmless and DO NOT put toothpaste on them. wtf are you thinking? that would burn the sensitive skin on your junk.

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